TBC Comp Series

Highball Climbing Centre

We created the TBC Comp series (formerly known as the NuKids Comp Series) to cater for the majority of people who use our centre – those climbing up to Font 6b. It’s a fun competition for all ages, perfect for people who are relatively new to climbing or those who don’t take it too seriously – but still like a challenge!

It runs bimonthly (Usually from 6:30pm) and is a great way to measure your progress – just compare your score from the previous event – and also pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, helping you to focus your training in a positive way – if that’s what you want to do. The Highball Crew will set 30 problems around the centre, graded from font 3 to 6b, and you have up to 3 hours to complete as many as you can. Score Cards are just £2 and each Comp has an opportunity for cash prizes and sometimes giveaways from sponsors too.